Poco Morocco


Our green cafe is a hand built replica of a Moroccan chariot, the sort that might be found in a market in Marrakech. We’ve designed it to look modern and clean using fine woods and stainless steel with large colourful burlesque signs.

Our menu is of Moorish influence with a bias for healthy eating. We serve fresh kebabs and wraps full of super-food salads using highly nutritious ingredients such as seeds and bean sprouts. We serve Mutton locally sourced to each event. Our Mutton is marinated overnight and then slow cooked on our rotating kebab grill in the style of Shwarma, this provides succulent tender meat.

We also have vegan and vegetarian options of smashed falafel salad and grilled aubergines.

Poco Morocco serves fast food to a very high standard, with style and taste.


If you would like Poco Loco to be at your festival then please give us a call or send us an email.

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