Poco Loco

Poco Loco

Poco Loco is an eccentric mash of homemade canvas and canopies heaved together every summer come rain or shine. Our charcoal grill sits proudly in front of the cafe grilling fresh fillets of mackerel and local meats which are served in huge wraps with seasonal superfood salads and our own harissa. The cafe is piled high with an inviting sprawl of bean bags, dotted with tables and kept as a refuge for festival goers to rest their feet and replenish themselves with real mint tea, organic coffee and baklava.


All our fish is MSC certified which means its sustainably caught. Our meats are free range and british. We reduce our waste however we can, through being thrifty with our delicious ingredients, buying less packaging, recycling and composting.


If you would like Poco Loco to be at your festival then please give us a call or send us an email.

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