Poco Ethics

At Poco we hold an awareness of our impact at the core of what we do and work constantly to reduce it. Our aim is to create a sustainable business model that can be taken as an example of how a modern business can operate sympathetically to its environment.

For a sense of what we’re doing have a look at this BBC Food video.

A Few Of Our Efforts…

  • 90% of our ingredients are sourced from the UK.
  • 10% of our ingredients are imported, ethically, non air freight, from fair sources, because they are the best in the world.
  • Most of our veg is from organic, local community farms within the Bristol area.
  • All our fish is seasonal and landed in Lyme Bay using sustainable methods, agreed by the Marine Conservation Society.
  • We have pledged to only serve fish graded as safe-to-eat by the Marine Conservation Society.
  • All our fish is seasonal and landed using sustainable methods, in accordance with Marine Conservation Society guidelines.
  • We ‘Weigh the Waste’ every day to monitor how much we produce and how we can reduce it, working towards being waste zero.
  • We recycle and up-cycle more than 90% of our refuse.
  • We run campaigns for sustainable food. Through Tom’s social enterprise the Forgotten Feast we create educational dining events that highlight issues with the food system

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